Sunday, 7 October 2012

Don't sell jam in re-used jars... by order of Europe: Tradition of selling home-made preserves 'breaches health and safety rules'

It really saddens me when I read articles like this one in the newspaper:

In a time when money is tight, we are producing to many waste products, we are being encouraged to eat healthier, we are being told that a tradition that spans back centuries, which has been a staple food product for all of us and our families, is no longer safe.  Ok yes, if you were to use old jar that had not been washed, then maybe there could be a problem.  But no sensible person would use old jars that had not been washed properly.  It is common practice to heat the jars before filling them, to sterilise them and help seal the contents, what is the problem?

Sorry rant over.

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