Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dried Fruit

Golden Strawberries - Dried Cape Gooseberries.

At the market today, while I was buying my dried fruit for my Christmas Mincemeat (see for the recipe), I came across these.

When I tasted one they tasted like a sweet tomato, the lady on the stall called them 'Golden Strawberries', so as you do when you live out here, you find yourself buying a small amount to take home and try and look up what they actually are.  They turn out to be Golden Berries or dried Cape Gooseberries, related to the tomato.  When fresh the small golden coloured fruits are surrounded by large papery husks, but when dried they turn into a dark red, raisin shaped dried fruit.  They can be used in anything that you would add dried fruit too.  So I will be adding some to this years Christmas Mincemeat.

Dried Dates

Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East for centuries.  Dates and yoghurt or milk are the first foods to be consumed when the sun sets during Ramadan.  They are ready to eat once they have been dried, usually sun-dried.  They can be eaten as they are or used in any recipe that requires dried fruit.

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