Saturday, 29 October 2011

Yipee!! The Alterations Are Complete

Back in April I shared a post of the start of the alterations to my kitchen,

Now in the big picture of things, changing your cooker and getting a new sink, tap and worktops might seem a bit mundane, but my kitchen is very important to me.

When our house was built several years ago it was designed as a holiday home so space is limited and there was no full size cooker and a very small half width breakfast bar.   Also living in Turkey we are always on a budget and getting any sort of work done is a challenge with sourcing materials and overcoming the language barrier.  So all in all we feel a great sense of achievement and I have a lovely kitchen.

Once again I would like to thank everyone for continuing to follow my blog and hope to add more content in  the future.

Janice xx


  1. I love your simple kitchen. Is that spices and flavoring ingredients?

  2. Thank you laminate worktops, yes I have built up quite a collection of spices and flavourings and needed to put them somewhere where they did not take up valuable cupboard space.