Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What's In Season - During May

The following can be found in the markets during May. These lists are compiled from my visits to markets in Turkey. (This list is being updated during the month).

Apple - elma
Apricots - kayısı (first fresh of the season, so quite small) 
Artichoke - enginar (these can be brought still attached to the stem or with just a small piece of stalk attached or ready prepared)
Aubergine - patlıcan
Banana - muz
Beetroot - kırmızı pancar
Broad beans - bakla
Broccoli - yeşil karnıbahar
Cabbage - lahana/başlahana
Cabbage red - kırmızı lahana
Carrot - havuç

Cherries - kıraz (first of the season)
Courgette - kabak (one stall I saw had small round, medium round, normal tubular shaped light and dark green varieties)
Cucumber - salatalık/hıyar
Eggplant - patlıcan
Figs dried - kuru incir

Galia Melon - galia kavun (see photo)
Garlik - sarmısak
Grapevine leaves - asma yaprağı
Green beans - ayşekadın/taze fasulye/yeşil fasulye
Kiwi fruit - kivi
Leek - pırasa
Lemon - lımon
Lettuce - marul

Loquat - yeni dünya or Malta Eriği
Mushroom - mantar
Olive - zeytin
Onion - soğan
Orange - portakal

Oyster Mushrooms - istiridye mantarı   
Parsley - maydonaz
Peaches - şeftalı (these are the first of the season so are quite small)
Pear - armut
Peas - bezleye
Pepper green - yeşil biber
Pepper red - kırmızı biber/arnavutbiberi
Pepper sweet red - tatlı kırmızı biber

Plum (small green, quite sour tasting) - eric (see photo) 
Potato, normal and some new - patates
Pumpkin - kabak (it tends to be sold in bags precut into chunks now)
Radish - turp

Rocket - roket
Samphire or Sea Asparagus or (turkish translation Sea Of Cowpea) - deniz börülcesi
Spinach - espanya
Spring Onions - yeşil soğan
Strawberries - çilek

Tomatoes, cherry, normal, on the vine and beef types - domates
Turnip - turp

Water melon - karpuz
  • I like to freeze some strawberries to use later in the summer.  When defrosted they do become mushy, but are still good to create sauces, or in ice cream.  I have a small plastic chopping board that just fits on the shelf of my freezer.  I line the board with a sheet of greaseproof paper, and then pick through the strawberries, I try not to wash them if at all possible to keep the water content to a minimum.  I then cut across the stalk end of the strawberry to remove the stalk and also to create a flat end to stand the strawberries up.  Fill the board with the strawberries, then put in the freezer for several hours until they are solid.  They can then be transferred to plastic containers for storage in the freezer.

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