Monday, 10 May 2010

Recipe: Scented Olives

If you find some eating olives that you really like, but need to be stored in jars.  This is a good method for preserving them. If the olives are quite well scented when you buy them you can simply use the vinegar and olive oil and ignore the rest of the ingredients.  It is nice to vary the herbs in each jar, so you can build up a supply of different tastes.

Ingredients - uses around 1 kg, with a couple of handfuls spare to keep out to eat right away.

2 cups olives
1 clove garlic
2 hot peppers
1 quarter lemon
1 tbsp of one of the following: rosemary, fennel, coriander, oregano, thyme, bay leaves or orange rind
2 tbsps vinegar, either normal, but if you don't like too strong a vinegar taste, use apple or grape vinegar instead
1 cup olive oil

Method - 

Mix the olives with the garlic, hot peppers, lemon and rosemary in a bowl.

Beat the olive oil and vinegar together until well mixed.

Divide the olives between the jars you are using and pour over the olive oil mix, making sure the olives are well covered, push the olives down the jar if necessary.

These can then be stored in the fridge or cupboard for quite a while.

Thank you to The Secret Of Good Health - Olive Oil published by Nikos Psilakis

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