Friday, 4 April 2014

What's In Season - During April

The following can be found in the markets in April.  (This page is being updated as the month progresses.)

Almonds - (this time of year they are picked whilst green and soft so you eat the whole thing where as later in the year the nut has formed in the centre and they are sold as nuts)

Apple - elma
Artichoke - enginar (these can be brought still attached to the stem or with just a small piece of stalk attached or ready prepared)
Aubergine - patlıcan
Banana - muz  (you will see the smaller native varieties and also the normal imported ones)
Beetroot - kırmızı pancar
Broccoli - yeşil karnıbahar
Cabbage - lahana/başlahana
Cabbage red - kırmızı lahana
Carrot - havuç  (we are starting to see some of the black and purple carrots appearing on the markets now)
Courgette - kabak
Cucumber - salatalık/hıyar (here in Turkey they are a lot smaller and sweeter than we are used to in England, more the size of a courgette but darker green in colour)
Eggplant - patlıcan  (these can be either the normal egg shaped variety or more elongated or round ones)
Figs dried - kuru incir
Garlik - sarmısak
Grapefruit - greyfurt/altıntop  (as well as the normal yellow ones, increasingly you can get the pink variety)
Grapevine leaves - asma yaprağı
Kiwi fruit - kivi
Leek - pırasa
Lemon - lımon
Lettuce - marul
Mushroom - mantar
Olive - zeytin
Onion - soğan
Orange - portakal
Parsley - maydonaz
Pear - armut
Pepper green - yeşil biber
Pepper red - kırmızı biber/arnavutbiberi
Pepper sweet red - tatlı kırmızı biber
Pomegranate - nar
Potato - patates
Pumpkin - kabak (it tends to be sold in bags precut into chunks now)
Radish - turp

Rocket - roket
Spinach - ıspanak
Spring Garlic - sarmısak (BEWARE the first time I brought these I thought they were large spring onions, turned out they worked well in a salad but wondered why the house smelt of garlic)
Strawberries - çilek
Turnip - turp

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