Friday, 9 March 2012

What's In Season - During March

The following can be found in the local markets during March. (This page is being updated as the month progresses).

Apple - elma (there are a lot of different varieties around at the moment)
Artichoke - enginar (these can be brought still attached to the stem or with just a small piece of stalk attached or ready prepared)
Aubergine - patlıcan
Banana - muz
Beetroot - kırmızı pancar
Broccoli - yeşil karnıbahar
Brussel sprouts - brüksel lahanası (at the start of March there are still quite a few to be found).
Cabbage - lahana/başlahana
Cabbage red - kırmızı lahana
Carrot - havuç
Cauliflower - karnıbhar (at the start of March these are very cheap).
Courgette - kabak
Cucumber - salatalık/hıyar
Eggplant - patlıcan
Figs dried - kuru incir
Garlik - sarmısak
Grapefruit - greyfurt/altıntop
Grapevine leaves - asma yaprağı
Green beans - ayşekadın/taze fasulye/yeşil fasulye
Kiwi fruit - kivi
Leek - pırasa
Lemon - lımon
Lettuce - marul
Mushroom - mantar
Mushroom oyster - istiridye mantarı
Olive - zeytin
Onion - soğan
Orange - portakal
Parsley - maydonaz
Pear - armut
Pepper green - yeşil biber
Pepper red - kırmızı biber/arnavutbiberi
Pepper sweet red - tatlı kırmızı biber
Pomegranate - nar (there are not quite so many about now, but they can still be found)
Potato - patates
Pumpkin - kabak (it tends to be sold in bags precut into chunks now)
Radish - turp
Strawberries - çilek (these are the first of the season and are quite expensive and only keep for a day or two but if you cannot wait they still taste good)
Turnip - turp

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