Monday, 25 January 2010

Turkish Meat Products

This page is constantly being updated as I find more products.

Füme dil - smoked slice

Geleneksel Kangal Sucuk - traditional coiled sausage flavoured with garlic.

İçli Köfte - a köfte that has been coated with a paste made of cracked wheat and meat and then fried.

Kadinbudu Köfte - meat patty made with eggs and rice.

Macar Salami - Hungarian Salami.

Pastırma - pastramı (beef that has been smoked or dried in the sun after being treated with spices).

Seçme pastırma - (Literal translation) Featured Pastrami, thin slices of beef either smoked or sun dried.

Sucuk - sausage flavoured with garlic.

Tekirdağ Köfte - meatballs made from lamb and beef, origins from the village of Tekirdağ.

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