Friday, 16 October 2009

Why This Blog.

In this blog I hope to share with you my love of food.

I have always loved cooking and eating food, and since I moved from England to Turkey, with my husband 4 years ago, have had more time to experiment with recipes.  Some times the experiments have been because of not having the right ingredients, often because I have seen somebody on TV cook the dish and then I have, from my memory, tried to recreate the dish, and often just for the sheer hell of doing something different with a dish I have reproduced regularly.

I have a very small kitchen at home, with an electric bread maker and food processor.  All my baking is done in a table top oven, which is small but achieves the results I want. 

I have also included the turkish translation of ingredients  to aid my expat friends who live in Turkey and like me struggle to identify the ingredients they are looking for, especially if you have not used it before.

Wherever possible during this blog, if the recipe has come from some other source I have made reference to its origins as I greatly appreciate the authors, chefs and friends out there for sharing their knowledge.

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