Friday, 10 August 2012

What's In Season - During August

During August the following fruits and vegetables have been available in the local markets:  (this list is updated as the month progresses).
. . .
Apricot (kayısı)
Apple (elma)
Aubergine (patlıcan)
Bell pepper (dolmalık bibier)
Cabbage, white and red (lahana)
Carrot (havuç)
Cherry (kiraz)
Courgette (kabak)
Cucumber (salatalık/hıyar)
Eggs (yumurta)
Fig (incir)
Garlic (sarımsak)
Grapes (üzüm) - yeşil/green, çekirdeksiz/seedless
Green bean (yeşil fasulye)
Green pepper (yeşil biber)
Hot Pepper (açı bibier)
Leek (pırasa)
Lemon (limon)
Lettuce (yeşil salata ve marul) cos/romaine variety
Marsh Samphire * 
Mint (nane)
Mushroom (manta)
Okras (bamya)
Onion (soğan)
Oranges (portakal)
Parsley (maydonaz)
Peach (şeftali)
Pear (armut)
Potatoe (patates)
Red pepper (kırmızıbiber)
Rocket (roka)
Sweetcorn (misir)
Tomato (domates)
Water melon (karpuz)
. . . 

* Marsh Sampire - this grows on salt marshes and beaches.  It can be eaten raw, steamed or microwaved.  It has a very high salt content so does not need salt added during cooking and is best cooked in a lot of water to draw out some of the salt.  The tenderest part are the shoots, so it is best trimmed before cooking or you can remove the roots and woodiest parts, then after cooking remove the tender shoots. 

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