Sunday, 18 October 2009

Types Of Cheese In Turkey

This post is constantly being updated as I discover more cheese.

Bergama Tulum - hard yellowish cheese made of either cow's, sheep or goat's milk; the cheese is encased in a skin during its maturing process; quite a strong, medium salty to highly salty cheese.

Beyaz Peynir - white cheese

Çekez Füme - produced in the Marmara Region; a smoked, light yellow or cream colored cheese, with a thick crust; low fat, unsalted tasting cheese.

Dişi Koyun Sutünden Peynir - ewe's milk cheese

Erzincan Tulum - this is made using the curd of the milk, with the water removed from the curd to produce a crumbly texture; the crumbled curd is then salted and packed tightly into goat skins and left to mature for 3 to 6 months; used in börek and mixed with walnuts to produce an appetizer.

Ezine Inek Peyniri - white cows milk cheese, but with a creamy taste and texture like feta.  Dia supermarket do a good one.

Kaşar - hard (cheddar-like) cheese

Kars Eski Kaşar - made from sheep's milk; yellow in colour and a little spicy tasting; good for breakfast and cooking.

Keçi Sütünden Peynir - goat cheese

Mihalic Peynir - from the provinces of Balıkeşir and Bursa; from full-fat unpasteurized sheep's milk; hard, fatty and very strong; used for breakfast, sandwiches and pasta.

Örgü Peynir - produced in the Dıyarbakır Region; örgü means 'braid' in turkish, hence the shape of the cheese is often shaped like a braid of hair; it is usually cooked before being eaten.

Otlu Peynir - herb cheese

Rokfor - blue cheese

Tam Yağlı Beyaz Peynir - this is a full fat, soft white cheese (often referred to as feta) It comes in a block but can be used as a spreadable cheese.

Taze Çökelek - fresh cured cheese

Tulum Peynir - goat cheese

Sert Peynir - hard cheese

Sert Beyaz Peynir - hard white cheese

Yorsan Beyaz Peynir - whole fat cows milk cheese

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