Saturday, 17 October 2009

Turkish Breakfast

One of our most favourite meals out in Turkey is the Turkish Breakfast (Kahvaltı), although it is called a breakfast it can be eaten any time of the day, and we often do not eat it before lunch.
The breakfast can vary slighty but basically consists of the following:

tomatoes (domates)
cucumber (salatalık)
olives (yeşil ve kara zeytin)
cheese (peynir)
cheese pastries (sıgara borek)
fried egg (sahanda yumurta)
strawberry jam (reçel çiçelik)
honey (bal)
village bread (bazlama)*
butter (tereyağ)
cream (kaymak)*
turkish tea (çay)
water (su)

Bazlama, or village bread is usually made by the village women.  It is made from wheat flour, water, table salt.
After the dough has been allowed to rest for 2-3 hours, the dough is divided up into 200 to 250 g pieces, formed into balls and then flatened to the size of a large dinner plate and baked on a hot plate. During baking, the bread is turned over to bake on the otherside.

Kaymak is produced by  slowly bringing to the boil a pot of whole milk, then allowing the milk to simmer over a low heat for approximately two hours.  Once the milk is removed from the heat, the cream on the top of the milk is skimmed off and allowed to cool over a period of time,  from a few hours to several days.  The skimmed cream contains a high concentration of milk fat, which helps to thicken it. Kaymak tends to have a taste that is slightly sour but works well with the breakfast.

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