Saturday, 17 October 2009

Nuts (with Turkish Translations)

almond - badem 
cashew - amerikaelması
cashew - biladerağacı
cashew - kaju
chestnut - kestane 
hazelnut - fındık 
nut - fıstık 
nuts assorted - çeşitli kuruyemiş
pumpkin seeds - kabak cekirdeği
peanut - yer fıstığı
peanuts salted - tuzlu yer fıstığı 
pine nuts - We have pine trees on our site that produce large enough pine nuts to eat.  (see photos).  They can be eaten as a nut or used in cooking such as toasted and sprinkled over salads or in rice dishes or on top of deserts. 
walnut - ceviz 
water chestnuts - su kestanesi 

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