Friday, 11 March 2011

Herbs & Spices (with Turkish Translations)

This page is constantly being updated as I come across more herbs and spices and there uses.
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allspice - yenibahar (It has a peppery taste with hints of cloves, cinnamon and mace.  It can be used whole, in marinades and for pickling.  Ground it can be used in cakes.  It is a standard spice used in many commercial sauces and ketchups).
aniseed - anason
basil - fesleğen
bergamot - bergamot 
cayenne pepper - biber
chamomile - almanpapatyası

chilli pepper - biber (The smaller the chilli, the thinner its flesh, the more elongated its shape, the sharper the end is shaped, the hotter it is.  Colour is no guide). Here is a guide to some of the types of chillie peppers :-
- ancho triangular 3" by 4" or 8 x 10cm, reddish brown when dried, mild and rich.  When green they are called pablano, looks like a bell pepper and is used as a vegetable stuffed.
- bell broad and squarish 3" by 4" or 8 x 10cm, green, red or yellow, sweet and mild.
- bird or bird's eye the smallest of all peppers about 1" or 2.5cm long, thin, pointed and very hot.
- cayenne very narrow, up to 3" or 7 - 8cm, long, curved, pointed, bright red, hot.  Usually brought dried or ground.
- cherry round 1/2 " -1" or 1 -3cm in diameter, yellow or red, often hot when small, milder when larger.  Usually sold pickled.
- habanero - shaped like a small latern, usually light green and fiercely hot.
- honka 2" or 5cm long, dark or orange red, quite hot.
- jalapeno 1" or 2.5cm wide and 3" or 7 - 8cm long, dark green, round tipped and hot.
- mulato 3" or 8cm wide by 5" to 6" or 12 -15cm long, brownish red to black when dried, wrinkled.
cinnamon - tarçın (is good to use if you have a cold, it has antioxidant properties, which can boost the immune system.  It also stimulates the circulation, especially to the fingers and toes.    It has been used to treat arthritis.  It can be added to cakes, biscuits, or add a stick to a pot of coffee, the stick can be rinsed dried and reused again in the next pot of coffee until it no longer gives off a cinnamon smell when dry.)
cloves - karanfıl (These are an important ingredient of curry powders. garam masala and used in cakes).
coriander - kişniş
cress - bahceteresi
cumin - kimyon
daisy - papatya (I have not yet discovered what these are used for).
dill - dereotou
garlic - sarımsak
garlic salt - sarımsak tuz
ginger - zencefil 
hibisküs - hibiscus (the dried flowers of the hibiscus, are infused in hot water to make tea and can also be used in jam).
lemongrass - limon otu
lime leaves - 
linden leaf yaprak ıhlamur (the leaves and fruit are used medicinally to promote sweating to reduce fever).
mace -
marshmallow - hatmı (the flowers of the marshmallow plant can be added to salads or boiled or fried).
mint -nane
mustard - hardal 
nutmeg - kuçuk hindistan cevizi
oregano - keklikotu
paprika - 
parsley - maydanoz
pepper - biber 
peppercorn - biber tanesi 
red pepper - biber
rosehips - kuşburnu (these can be used in tea, jams, jellies, syrup, soups, pies, bread, wine and marmalade).
rosemary - biberiye 
saffron - safran
sage - adaçaynı
senna - sinameki (dried senna leaves are used by some people as a laxative - under advisement).
spice - bahar 
spices - baharat 
tarragon - tarhun
thyme - bahçekekiği, kekik
turmeric - zerdeçal

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